Sensei Santiago Sanabria

Brief info

Santiago was born in Colombia in 2001 and in 2007 he emigrated to the United States with his mother and both registered at the FIKA USA school as students. He developed as an exceptional karate student and athlete beginning a career as a competitor and member of the FIKA USA competition team. The competition, his dedication and self-improvement training make him a great example for the rest of the students.
He began to win medals and trophies and to compete throughout the USA in Las Vegas, Miami, South Carolinas, New Jersey and many other cities and states.In 2015 he became the National Champion of the USA Karate and later returned to Las Vegas and the National in 2018 and 19 obtaining 2nd and 3rd place in kata and kumite.
He is currently studying the 2nd year of Music, becoming an excellent musician both in composition and on guitar and piano.
He is a member of the National Technical Commission of FIKA USA
and permanent member of the FIKA USA TEAM
Member of the USA Karate Federation
He has the degree of National Certified Instructor from FIKA USA
and the 2Dan Black Belt