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About Us


Our Philospohy

                                    FIKA USA

 1. The FIKA-USA ratifies and supports the peace, solidarity and prosperity of all the nations of the world.

 2. The FIKA-USA ratifies and promotes through the art of Shotokan Karate-Do humanism and friendship    between all countries, peoples and organizations of karate do and all martial arts

3.  The FIKA-USA ratifies and postulates and defends the development of the Moral Values of society through the development of Principles, Convictions and concrete actions.

4.  The FIKA-USA ratifies and promotes to live always in accordance with established ethical standards, with dignity, simplicity, honesty, loyalty and humility, without ambitions or personal glories irrespective of the level, degree or responsibility achieved.

5.   FIKA-USA ratifies and supports peaceful coexistence between karate organizations, schools, teachers and students with total respect for the concepts of loyalty, integrity and honesty to its principles and to the Dojos and Sensei’s

6.  FIKA-USA ratifies and defends the development and fulfillment of human rights in all corners of the globe with justice, equality and full freedom for all men.

7.  The FIKA-USA ratifies and rejects all types of discrimination, racial, sexual, regional, positional or other.

8.   The FIKA-USA strongly ratifies and rejects all types of aggression, and interference in the internal affairs of each karate organization, school and styles

9.   The FIKA-USA ratifies and recognizes supports and admires the great work developed by the Great Masters that gave origin and continuity to the Martial Arts, Karate-Do and especially Shotokan style.

10.  The FIKA-USA ratifies and commits to be tireless promoter of the philosophy of Karate-Do, Shotokan and take it to all corners of our planet

11.   The FIKA-USA ratifies and supports the international sporting movement of Martial Arts and Karate given its universal          heritage character and sympathizes with the WKF, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the World Karate Federation. International Committee of the Olympic Martial Arts (MAO), to include our art in the calendar of the Olympic Tokyo 2020, for which will work without restso.  

 12.    The FIKA-USA ratifies and respects all honorable Karate-Do Martial Arts organizations and their Masters and will work    for the establishment of friendly and collaborative ties based on the principles of mutual respect, loyalty and honesty

Our story


Our start path at our first FIKA USA location at…

Our school move to 8916 Jamaica Ave and we start to offer summer camp program.

We start to offer after school program and our first team went to the national competition at Las Vegas – Nevada.

Starts our annually FIKA USA International tournament…

We move to our new location at 9206 Jamaica Ave…

What We Offer
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People About Us

At FIKA I not only learned the art of Karate-do but also about discipline and self control. With out sensei Jorge Falcon I would not be the woman I am today. It is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Highly recommended!

Erika Julissa Rodriguez

Awesome school and amazing instructors osu!!

Kareem Mcclean


katarzyna suska