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Our Philospohy

 1. The FIKA-USA ratifies and supports the peace, solidarity and prosperity of all the nations of the world.

 2. The FIKA-USA ratifies and promotes through the art of Shotokan Karate-Do humanism and friendship    between all countries, peoples and organizations of karate do and all martial arts

Master Gichin Funakoshi

The ultimate aim of Karate lies not in victory nor defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants.Gichin Funakoshi

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Sensei Luzdary Falcon

Sensei Luzdary falcon was born in Colombia in a humble family studying Fashion design and emigrated to the USA in 2007 where she began to train shotokan karate do under who later became her husband and coach Falcon Sensei. Her dedication, perseverance and desire for improvement make her an excellent and dedicated Master of karate and an excellent referee.
She has taken seminars with Isami Shiroma Sensei JKA, Cleveland Baxter Kyoshi Chairman of the USA Karate Referre Committee, PKF and WKF member of technical committee, Kohama Sensei Shobukan Shotokan International, William Millerson Vice President of WKF, PKF
She is black belt degree 2nd Dan,
the degree of Karate Instructor,
Kata Judge of the National Federation of USA Karate
Referee of the National Federation of USA karate
Member of the FIKA USA National Technical Committee
Vice-President of the FIKA USA
Sensei Luzdary Falcon nace en Colombia en el seno de una familia humilde estudia diseno de Moda y emigra a USA en el ano 2007 donde comiensa a entrenar shotokan karate do bajo quien tiempo despues se convierte en su esposo y entrenador el Sensei Falcon.Su dedicacion, constancia y deseos de superacion hacen de ella una excelente y dedicada Maestra de karate y una excelente referee.
A tomado seminarios con importantes personalidades de el Karate Mundial como Isami Shiroma Sensei JKA,Cleveland Baxter Kyoshi Chairman of USA Karate Referre Committe,PKF y WKF member of tecnical Committe,Kohama Sensei Shobukan Shotokan International,William Millerson Vice Presicente WKF,PKF
Obstenta el grado de cinturon negro 2nd Dan
el grado de Instructora de karate do
Juez de Kata de la Federacion Nacional de karate de USA
Referee de la Federacion Nacional de karate de USA
Miembro of the FIKA USA National Tecnical Commite
Vice-Presidente of the FIKA USA

Shihan Jorge Falcon

Shihan Jorge Falcon

Chief Instructor

Sensei Jorge Falcon born in Havana Cuba in 1956, graduated from the University of Havana Cuba in Economic and also a Bachelor Degree in psychology from Marist College. He started Martial Arts Jyoshinmon Shorin Ryu in 1970 when he was 14 years old, together with the current Shihan Juan Claudio Junco in the year 1980.
He emigrated to USA and he continues training Martial Arts full contact and Jyoshinmon Shorin Ryu until the year 1993 when he made the transition to Shotokan.
In the year 2003 -04 he created the Falcon International Karate Do Association (FIKA USA), a Not for Profit Organization that is dedicated to teaching and promoting the tradition and values of Shotokan Karate Do and Sport Karate.
Sensei Falcon is the President & Chief Instructor at Falcon International Karate Do Association (FIKA USA)
Renshi 6th Dan World Union Shotokan Ryu Karate Do
6th Dan Rokudan Renshi Ken Kyusho Jutsu WELCAM
Yondan 4th Dan Cuban National Shotokan Federation
Karate Do, Judo and Self defense Certified Instructor
Member of World karate Federation WKF
Member of USA National Karate Federation
Kata Judge & kumite Referee Licensed
by USA National Karate Federation

People About Us

At FIKA I not only learned the art of Karate-do but also about discipline and self control. With out sensei Jorge Falcon I would not be the woman I am today. It is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Highly recommended!

Erika Julissa Rodriguez

Awesome school and amazing instructors osu!!

Kareem Mcclean


katarzyna suska

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